Suspected Con Man Detained After Robbery Plot

An American national, presently staying in San Ignacio, says that he walked right into a con man’s robbery plot. He claims that last week Thursday, he met this man, who asked him if he was interested in purchasing lands and if so he would take him to see properties valued at $4,000. So on Friday morning, the two reportedly journeyed to the Branch Mouth Area of San Ignacio Town, where he was shown the lands and at the same time asked for the money. But the prospected buyer said he wouldn’t fess up any money until the proper land documents could be shown to him. But that was when the accused allegedly grabbed a machete he had in his vehicle and commanded “I need the money now.” Fearing for his life, he said he handed over the sum of $4,000 in different denominations. The so-called dealer told him that he would give him a receipt, but he hasn’t been heard from since. We understand that Police have since tracked down the accused and he is currently detained, pending charges of robbery.

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