Suspected gang member faces immigration charges

vlcsnap-2013-03-28-19h38m11s81A man suspected to be a member of the notorious 18 street gang was caught trying to pull a fast one on Immigration with false documentation. We cannot reveal the name of the man, because he has not been charged as yet. However what we can tell you is that on Tuesday morning, the man, who may be Honduran, attempted to apply for a visitor’s permit with sources of identification that were in the name of a Belizean. These documents include a Social Security Card, a Belizean Driver’s License and a Belizean Birth Certificate. Immigration then handed him over to Police who further conducted a search at his residence. That was where they found a Honduran passport. Police noted that the man has tattoos of the number 18, which is affiliated with the 18 Street Gang in America. He is currently in Police Custody pending charges.

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