Suspected Human Trafficker to Go Home

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-00h56m45s237policia de hondurasOn Tuesday we told you that 40 year old Blanca Garay Rodriguez from Honduras had been nabbed in Belize and jailed for failing to comply with the conditions of her visitor’s permit.

Tonight, we understand that Ms. Rodriguez, named by INTERPOL and Honduran authorities as suspected to be involved in an international human trafficking, faces removal from Belize.

Ms. Rodriguez’s permit was issued to her three weeks ago after she crossed into Belize through the Western Border. She was to have left the country on January 28 but was instead found in the Sunset Park area on Monday.

deportacion policiaShe is the last suspect on a list of wanted persons by Honduras with regard to the human vlcsnap-2014-02-06-00h56m36s74smuggling operation.

While Ms. Rodriguez is officially still in jail for six months because she was unable to pay her fine of $1,000, local Immigration officials asked Magistrate Leslie Hamilton to order her removal from Belize, which he did.

As soon as Honduran law enforcement provides Belize with the official arrest warrant, that is coming as early as Friday, Rodriguez is headed back home.

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