Suspected Murderer of Agripina Coc is Captured

The man suspected to have been responsible for the murder of Agripina Coc was captured on Thursday, with the assistance of residence from San Marcos Village.

On Monday August 1st the body of Agripina, an elderly Mayan woman, was found a short distance away from her home in the rural community of San Pedro Colombia, Toledo.

The distraught community formed a mob on Tuesday, demanding justice. The mob turned into a man hunt for the person believed to have committed the vlcsnap-2014-09-02-07h08m22s246heinous crime, but the hunt went a bit too far when the community detained the relatives of the person believed to be responsible.

The main suspect in the crime was believed to have been spotted in Big Falls village on Wednesday, but evaded being captured. Reports were that he had escaped in the direction of San Marcos Village.

Toledo police had since co-opted the assistance of residence of San Marcos Village, which lead to his capture on Thursday.

vlcsnap-2014-09-05-07h39m48s155Simeon Alvarez – Superintendant of Police

“Sometime around ten o’clock this morning, the police was in the area of San Marcos.  [They] received certain information that he was spotted in the village of San Marcos, and was being followed back by some residents in the village. As a result of that, the police responded to the area, and they managed to apprehend the suspect.

We’re trying to get all the evidence together before he is charged,”

Police are still finalizing all the evidence before the case file is sent to the DPP, however according to Supt. Alvarez, the suspect is confessing.

We will withhold from releasing his name as up to our news time, he has not been officially charged.

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