Suspicious Belizean Boy Allegedly Attempts to Kidnap Girls in Mexico

vlcsnap-2014-05-06-18h32m40s41There are troubling reports of attempted kidnapping coming out of Mexican newspaper Por Esto. According to the reports made by Por Esto, the townspeople of Sabido, Quintana Roo captured a Belizean, identified only as 19 year old Ariel, who was trying to kidnap two 8 year old girls and smuggle them across the border.

The incident happened on Monday of Last week in Sabidos, a small community that borders the Rio Hondo. According to reports, the two girls had just come out of class when they were approached by a 13 year old girl, who reportedly is an accomplice of Ariel.

The 13 year old allegedly convinced them to follow her to the edge of the river, however, according to the newspapers, the kidnap failed when word got to them that a search team had been deployed. The two victims were allegedly released and were later found making their way back to Sabido.

When the two children were safely back home an official report was made. The following day after the report was made, the same 13 year old girl was reportedly seen again around the school who was identified by the victims and detained by the authorities.

With her assistance, they were able to locate and arrest the 19 year old Ariel, said to have family in Sabido, Quintana Roo.

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