Taiwan donates to keep the OAS office in the adjacency zone open

Taiwan has donated funds to keep the OAS office in the adjacency zone open. On Saturday, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, Benjamin Ho, handed over a donation to Lawrence Sylvestre, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Starret Dickson Greene, Representative of the Organization of American States. Reports are that the cheque was in the sum of  two hundred thousand U.S. dollars.  A press release from the Taiwanese embassy says the donation is aimed to assist the O.A.S. Office in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone to continue to operate effectively. Reports are that Guatemala also received a substantial donation toward keeping the OAS in the adjacency Zone but Guatemala appears to still be fuming about that OAS led investigation into the shooting of the Guatemalan minor in Belizean territory; a report that vindicated the Belize Defence Force. Though we cannot confirm, reports are that Guatemalans have decided to use their portion of that donation toward poverty alleviation programs in that country.

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