Taiwan donates to National Celebrations Commission

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-14h02m26s109It may not seem like it, but the September Celebrations are literally weeks away. Belizeans will soon fill the parks and line the streets to mark the 32nd anniversary of national independence and the 215th anniversary of the event that occasioned the birth of the nation, the Battle of St. George’s Caye. Today at the site where once upon a time the latter was celebrated, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), His Excellency David Wu, handed over a cheque for $40,000 to co-chair of the National Celebrations Commission and director of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), Diane Haylock.  As he tells us, this is a regular expense and a necessary one.


His Excellency David Wu – Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan):

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-14h03m11s74This is the fourth year my Embassy is representing the Government of Taiwan.  We partner with National Celebration Commission.  This year will be the 32nd Anniversary of your Independence Day, and in the past four years we always donate 20 thousand US dollars for the celebration.  We are very honored, and it’s a privilege for me to make the donation this year again.


Diane Haylock tells PLUS News what the donation will be used for.

Diane Haylock – Director of NICH:

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-14h11m20s93Previously the donation was used for fireworks, but with Ambassador Wu the focus has shifted to be more supportive of the actual cultural activities that contribute to the calendar of events that we have for the period.  They’ve given us $40,000 BZ each year , so it was their usual contribution to carry out a few weeks of action pack.  I always see donations of this kind as very important because for me what donation signifies is respect and appreciation for our culture and it’s important to the development of the people.  So, for me it has much more symbolic value in that regard rather than merely being able to just get some funds to be able to carry out our activities because I mean this is our national celebration.

This year St. George’s Caye Day is a Tuesday and Independence Day a Saturday. The official theme is “Belize In You, Belize in Me, Land of the Free.”

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