Tampering Suspected With Blood of Accident Victim

The case of the Director of the Government Press Office, Dorian Pakeman, continues to take some interesting turns. As have vlcsnap-2016-09-14-10h39m53s141been reported, Pakeman knocked down and killed Dean Dawson in March of this year. Inital reports were that Dawson may have been drunk at the time he was knocked down and killed. Later, police revealed that blood tests taken of Pakeman at the time of the accident, revealed traces of cocaine in his system. Interestingly, the Director of Public Prosecutions was not given those test results initially and she stumbled across those test results some months later.  How come that information was not contained in the file, is a matter under investigation but even more interesting is that police appear to now have lost the original copy of the certification.  The police have confirmed that a meeting was held on Friday between the Director of Public Prosecution and the officers attached to the Rural Eastern Division, including Regional Commander, ACP Edward Broaster. Things got even more interesting when the  National Forensic lab discovered that the victim’s blood sample was apparently tampered when someone injected ethanol into Dean Dawson’s blood to presumably make it look as if he was drunk at the time of his death.  Beyond a road traffic accident, police are now also investigating this new angle and the suspects may most likely be personnel from the scenes of crime. ACP Edward Broaster, Regional Commander, Rural Eastern Division, spoke about the matter yesterday. There has still been no directive from the DPP on the file.

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