Tanks explode in Spanish Lookout Oil field

Two tanks exploded inside one of the Belize Natural Energy’s oil field in the San Marcus Area, Spanish lookout. The incident occurred around 3 p.m. earlier today and by four p.m. ,  the Belize Natural Energy Fire Department along with members of the fire service in Spanish Lookout were able to contain the situation before it spread to the other containers. Daniel Gutierrez, Public Relations Manager for the Belize Natural Energy said they believe the fire was caused by lightning.

Daniel Guiterrez– Public Relations Manager BNEvlcsnap-2015-06-12-12h36m09s112

” This afternoon, there was a fairly big sound coming out over the Spanish lookout – San Marcus area in the Cayo District and there were several lightning strikes in the area. Unfortunately, one of  those lightning strikes landed on a battery of produced water tanks. Two of those fires caught fire immediately. Luckily the Belize Natural Energy Fire Crew, and I must say, assisted with the Spanish Lookout Fire crew, had the fire under control probably in about an hour or so. No one was hurt and nothing other than what I mentioned was damaged. We are pretty sure that it was a lightning strike and I am happy to say that it is under control.”

Gutierrez assures the public that the tank that was engulfed in flames contained produced-water and not crude oil. Therefore the fumes emitted from the burning tank are not as detrimental to human and environmental health, he says.

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