Taxi driver escapes with minor injuries after confrontation

In this year alone, three taxi drivers went missing during pick up runs and were subsequently found dead days later; these incidents have caused operators across the country to be on high alert when transporting passengers. And fortunately, for one Corozal cab driver, he managed to escape with only minor injuries after a frightening confrontation with two passengers. It happened shortly before 10pm on Saturday night. The 62 year old cab-driver, whose name we will not release, for his protection, was hired by two men to do a trip from the Corozal Central Park to C&B Bar located on the Baeza Layout area. According to the statement the complainant gave to Police, he drove up the San Andres Village Road and upon reaching the lane that leads to C&B, one of them men told him that they weren’t going to C&B Bar and ordered him to continue driving on the said road. He did and that was when the man, seated to the back of the cab, reportedly placed his hand around the driver’s neck and began to choke him. The driver then turned off the ignition, allowing the vehicle to come to a stop. At that moment, the same man allegedly took out a sharp object, resembling a knife and attempted to stab him. A struggle reportedly ensued between them during which the driver sustained scratched to his abdomen area and jaw. He then managed to get out his vehicle and ran for help, but by then, the assailants had already escaped in nearby bushes.

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