Taxi-driver gunned down in Dangriga

A young taxi-driver was murdered in Dangriga, on Sunday. Harry Arzu reports.

Harry Arzu – Dangriga Correspondent:
vlcsnap-2013-04-15-21h45m47s112Shortly after 4pm yesterday police responded to a call from the Southern Regional Hospital about a shooting incident.  Upon their arrival they observed 23-year-old, Charles Ariola, taxi driver suffering from a single gunshot wound to his left chest. Police told Love News that Ariola was receiving medical treatment for his wound but died  shortly after their arrival. Preliminary investigations revealed that Ariola was sitting with some friends in a yard on George Price Drive, where the Human Development Office was once located when three male persons approached him.  According to police report one of the male persons and Ariola got into an altercation; the visitors left the scene and promised to vlcsnap-2013-04-15-21h45m55s185return; on their arrival back to where Ariola was, the individual who had the conflict with Ariola confronted him once again and hit him with a handgun to his face.  As a result, Charles Ariola tried to defend himself  but he was stopped by a single gunshot to the left side of his chest.  He was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital, where he underwent treatment for his injury but died shortly afterwards.  Police now has three persons in custody including a minor; the alleged shooter is said to be from Belize City and is no stranger to Police nor the Hattieville Prison.  Officials from this municipality and residents condemned this senseless killing.  Police also confirmed that they found the murder weapon in the Rivas Estate Area where the alleged shooter was living.  Police continue their   investigation as they put the pieces of this puzzle  together.

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