Taxi driver high-jacked in Corozal

A 64 year old taxi driver of Corozal reported that on the morning of Wednesday May 8 at around 7 pm, he was driving his car by the Corozal Town Bus Terminal when he was stopped by two Hispanic descent men. The men chartered the taxi to the border. When they reached between miles 90 and 91,  one of the Hispanic male person seated at the back seat placed what appeared to be a gun  to his head and the other male person seated beside him placed a knife to his side . They then demanded that he  reverse into a nearby feeder road. Fearing for his life, he did as he was told and upon reaching the feeder road he saw a van approaching his car coming from the opposite direction. He then swerved in front of the van and as a result the van collided into the car causing minor damages. Both Hispanic male persons managed to escape from the car firing two rounds at the other vehicle and made good their escape into some bushes. Police recovered (2) 9mm expended shells and a light blue cap from the scene. Checks made in the taxi revealed a knife 3 to 4 inches in length.

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