Taxi Man Ambushed and Killed

vlcsnap-2014-05-27-19h17m36s55The other murder in Belize City over the weekend took place early on Sunday morning. 56 year old Norman Thompson, a taxi operator of West Street, was driving his car in an alley joining Banak Street to Logwood Street next to La Popular Bakery.

He was headed toward Banak Street when unknown gunmen fired twice at him, hitting him to the right upper shoulder and right upper back.

As a result his green 4-door Geo Prism, license plates D-7487, crashed into the back fence of Habet and Habet Limited which is on Banak Street.

We spoke to his partner, Sherette Willoughby, who told us why she believes the motive for her husband’s death was deliberate ambush, rather than possible robbery.

vlcsnap-2014-05-27-19h15m03s108Sharette Willoughby- Common-law-partner of the Deceased

“Police telling me that he was shot; they didn’t say whether it was in the car or how it exactly happened.  They just said that he had two shots to the back and that it seems to have been a robbery.  However, I believe that it was an ambush…someone set him up, because he only works on calls.  He does not come for anybody and he has to scrutinize you thoroughly before he comes out to get you.  However they did not take the money, since the wallet was intact, but they took only the phone.  That was all I got technically from the police”.

Thompson’s family says he was very careful about the persons he gave service to.

Sharette Willoughby:  “He was a very cautious one, because he tell you, I don’t pick up cool-ems, the hood rag-tight girls, and he is very reliable.  When he gets that call, he comes, immediately pick you and take you where you want to go”.

Police continue their investigations.

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