Taxi-Men Attend a Training Workshop

Last week, the Department of Cooperatives hosted a two day training workshop that targeted registered cooperatives in the transportation sector- taxi-men and bus drivers- operating in the Cayo District.  The workshop took place at the George Price Center on Thursday and then again on Friday.

Several stakeholders were invited to make presentations based on the related themes of Customer Service and Public Relations in public transportation.

Mr. Gareth Murillo, Registrar at the Department of Cooperatives, gave us the details.

vlcsnap-2014-01-27-18h03m04s102Mr. Gareth Murillo- Registrar of Department of Cooperatives

 “The department of Cooperatives has convened a training workshop on customer service and public relations for the Taxi Cooperatives that operate here in the Cayo district.  We invited in, the Department of Transport to discuss legal regulations as it comes to public transportation. We invited in, the Police Department to look at the rules of Road Safety, the Belmopan City Council as they have been engaging in the recent initiatives around the Belmopan Bus Terminal. 

vlcsnap-2014-01-27-18h34m33s175The aim of the workshop, according to Murillo, is to maintain a professional level of public transportation services.

Mr. Gareth Murillo:  “Our mission here is to create a very professional level of transportation service.  We want the registered cooperatives, whether they be taxi or bus to be the the leaders in providing customer service here in Belize.  We wold like, at the edn of this workshop, for the members of the public to provide us with some feedback as to whether there have been improvements when it comes to the customer services of these transportation providers.  The Department of Transport has a hotline that they can also call and they commence us as to the level of customer that they receive”.

 Reporter:  “Some people have commented that taxi men park everywhere.  Do you hope to have any initiative in the future that would give an official parking space to taxi men, so that they don’t have to crowd other parking spaces?”

 Mr. Gareth Murillo:  “Again, that would fall under the Traffic and Transport regulations.  As a registered cooperative, a taxi service would have an official place of work.  That would be their assigned area for parking.  However, there are other taxi operators who are not part of cooperatives and probably those are where the problems lie”. 



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