Taxi with female passengers shot up, one woman dies

A woman was murdered on Sunday while two others are recovering from bullet wounds and another from injuries to her eyes. On Sunday March 13, three women were passengers in a taxi cab being driven at the time by 31 year old Jaime Villanueva. The group had just left a concert which was held at the ITVET in Belize City.  33 year old Doris Gilharry, 34 year old Tanika Lemoth, and 34 year old Hanifa Flowers were passengers in the 4 door Toyota Camry being driven by Villanueva. The car was being driven nn Faber’s Road heading towards Central American Boulevard when a dark vehicle approached the taxi from behind and the occupant or occupants of that dark vehicle fired several shots at the taxi. The driver, Jaime Villanueva was shot to the upper back and it caused the taxi to slam into the cement wall in front of St John Vianney Church. The impact of that crash caused the front seat passenger, Hanifa Flowers to receive injuries to both her eyes. The other passenger, 33 year old Doris Gilharry was shot to the left side of the chest.  The fatal bullet hit 34 year old Tanika Lemoth who was seated in the back seat. She received a bullet wound to the back of her head and her back. She reportedly died onteh spot. The other victims were taken to the KHMH for treatment.    Police say they processed the scene and recovered  (3) .9mm expended shell. Three persons were detained pending investigations

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