Teacher accused of soliciting minors to be kept out of school

As we told you earlier this week, a male teacher from Mopan Technical High School in the Benque Viejo area has had his teacher’s license revoked for alleged solicitation of male minors attending the school via Facebook, when he sent them naked pictures of himself. He has yet to be criminally charged but he has been dismissed from the school and according to Minister of Education Patrick Faber, his name has been entered on a register which will keep him from being able to apply for a job as a teacher or working with youth. He says the Ministry is taking a proactive approach to dealing with offenders.


Hon. Patrick Faber – Minister of Educationvlcsnap-2015-05-07-10h14m56s146

“This is something that long been a desire of our ministry – we have seen where predators prey on our young people and of course they move from one school to another school. While this is nowhere where we want to be, and I am not casting any judgement on Mr. Puc, but the facts are what they are so far. He has a right, of course, to appeal to the Appeals Tribunal of the Teaching Services Commission, but as it stands now, his license is revoked and he is going to be listed on that register. It is an effort to keep out predators  out of our schools and working with our young people and farther destroying the fabric of our social life here in Belize.  ”


The Minister says that his Ministry has kept in touch with local authorities to keep them abreast of decisions like these that impact all schools.

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