Teacher detained as Police investigate unnatural crime

Yesterday we reported on another incident in San Ignacio where a minor was allegedly sodomized by his high school teacher. Police issued an official release today where it says that on Wednesday May 8th  at 11:00am, a 14 year old Student of San Ignacio Town visited the San Ignacio Police Station accompanied by his mother. The child reported that on Friday March 22nd 2013, he went to visit his Teacher’s home in Bullet Tree Village. While at the teacher’s house, they both drank rum. The child  reported that after consuming about three cups of rum , he felt drunk but could remember that he was carried onto a bed and placed to lie down on his stomach. The child says he remembered the teacher removing all his clothing and having intercourse with him. However, the medical examination conducted yesterday on the boy showed no signs of physical abuse on him. The teacher was detained yesterday for questioning and police continue their investigation.

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