Teacher drowns on fishing trip with Coast Guard friends

A teacher drowned after he and two of his Coast Guard friends went on a  fishing trip in the Orange Walk district.  According to reports, on Sunday May 22, 31-year-old Coast Guard  Elijio Reyes of Xaibe Village, Corozal District  and another Coast Guard,  Genaro Chan, were along with their friend 31-year-old Bartolo Torres, a Belizean  teacher of August Pine Ridge Village, Orange Walk on a fishing trip sometime around  4:30 that morning. The three were in a  small dorey  on the  New River about ten miles South West of San Carlos Village in the Lemonal Canal entrance and about midday, they all decided to paddle across the lagoon to an old Wharf area used as camping site to rest. From the location they went from a West to East direction, however, when they were nearly at the middle of the lagoon the wind started to blow and several waves put water inside the small dorey sinking it. Bartolo Torres reportedly threw himself in the water along with Eulalio Reyes and Genaro Chan, however, Bartolo Torres did not know how to swim and went under the water and never resurfaced. Police are investigating.

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