Teacher Naomi Taylor was victim of Fatal RTA

Yesterday we told you about the traffic accident that claimed the life of a young teacher. She has been identified as 26 year old Naomi Abigail Taylor of Wagerale area of Dangriga Town. The incident happened at around 4:15 Thursday afternoon when Naomi was riding her bicycle on Ecumenical Drive.  A motorcycle, driven at the time by 22 year old Michael Estero, collided into the back of Naomi’s bike. She received head injuries and was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where she succumbed to those injuries about an hour later.  We spoke to Naomi’s coworker who was with her at the time of the accident.vlcsnap-00033


Co-worker, Eyewitness: We were about to cross. I looked back and I saw the motorcycle; to me they were far so I didn’t mind crossing. But they picked up speed so by the time she looked to cross, all I heard was BANG. When I looked they knocked her back wheel and she flew and then they flew over her and then they landed on the side. I threw down my bike and I ran after her and I’m shaking her and calling her name. She wasn’t answering me so I turned her over to see if she was breathing and no response.vlcsnap-00030

Along with Michael Estero on the motorcycle at the time of the accident was 17 year old Calvin Williams.  Both men also received injuries and were transported to the Southern Regional Hospital. The teenager, Williams, was then transferred to the KHMH for further treatment.  Naomi’s sister also spoke to Plusnews saying that it is very painful to lose a loved one in this way but adding to the pain were some photos of her dead sister which were posted on Facebook.

Co-worker, Eyewitness: It hurts already for my sister done dead. It even makes me angrier to see her pictures on facebook with her legs wide open and all her tights showing. Mien have some respect for people and they family. I mean if you want to post anything on facebook about a person who has been through a tragic accident find a decent picture of that person and post it up. Nothing is wrong with that. But not the state that my sister was in. I would really want to beg whosoever put up those pictures take them down because I am really mad and I feel real upset when I see that picture and I would not want to see that a year from now because facebook has a tendency of bringing back your pictures that you post and post it up again. After year, after two years I don’t want to see my sister like that. I don’t want to remember her with her legs wide open and her tights showing. That’s not a pleasant site for anybody to look at.vlcsnap-00029

Naomi Taylor was a teacher at the Kids First Preschool in Dangriga. She was also a part time student at the Ecumenical College Evening Division. She leaves behind one son and three stepchildren.

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