Teacher-Students of UB Launch the Practical Blast on Special Education Children


UB logoOn Wednesday morning, student-teachers of the University of Belize, came out of the class room and into the community as part of a biannual community outreach program.  Student’s got down and creative, introducing fresh ideas based on factual research to help motivate children, especially at the primary school level to overcome any physical or mental disability they might struggle with.  This semester’s theme was, “Empowering education for children in today’s society”.   Symposiums were held at the George Price Centre and at the Garden City Primary School- where our crew stood.   Fourth year students of our maximum house of studies, Carlos Dominguez and Abigail Mena told us more about the event.

Mr. Carlos Dominguez- Fourth Year Student

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-20h59m04s46“What you are seeing here is, we are having teachers doing some disorders, which I believe is very effective and mind opening for all the teachers.   So, if this goes throughout the nation, I encourage teachers to take some time, let us give; open our hearts to these students.   Even though we see they have disorders, they have great mind; they are great creative thinkers and let us just motivate them, and that is very important”.

Ms. Abigail Mena- Vice Chairlady


“Take heed is exactly what we are seeing this afternoon.   Your high turns out because we are actually prepared from a long time ago so that this event could be success as it is right now.   I am so happy that the teachers were also able to facilitate us to have all the children come up to see what we have offer them, so it can help them to build their potentials and they can develop skills to be better individuals in the future”. 

Student Leah Joseph and her schoolmate Kevin Teck, both standard 5 students of Garden City Primary, shared with us the impression that the exposition left on them and expressed their sincere gratitude towards the people that made it happen.

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-21h08m24s248Student Leah Joseph-Student at Garden City Primary School                                          

“I learned about the different disabilities that other children have and it’s not that easy”.

Reporter:  “Have you ever gotten in trouble with other students in your class?”

Student Leah Joseph:  “Yes sir”.

Reporter:  “…and now what do you think after learning all these things?”

Student Leah Joseph:  “I think that how they have it rough”.



Reporter:  “I saw a lot of games there as well.   Did you play all of the games?”

Student Kevin Teck:  “Not all”.

Reporter:  “Did you like them a lot?”

Student Kevin Teck:  “Yes”.

Reporter:  “What do you want to say to all of te students that went through all of this trouble to bring this great symposium for you”.

 Student Kevin Teck:  “Thank you very much”.

This symposium was as much an outreach to students as it was for parents and teachers. Abigail Mena wished to encourage teachers and parents with disabled children and exclaimed her eagerness to get back to the classroom and implement these same ideas in her lectures:

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-20h58m39s49Ms. Abigail Mena- Vice Chairlady

“I want to encourage teachers and parents to do your level best to assist the children.   They can become successful with your effort and effort from teachers and parents as well as the child effort and I believe this is possible”.

Reporter:  “Since this is your last year, what is next for you?

Ms. Abigail Mena:  “For me. I am going back into the classroom.   I can’t wait to use some of these strategies that we learn in the classroom to apply to the classroom environment”.

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