Teachers and Public Officers Get 5% Increase

Teacher$22 million over three years. That is how much more teachers and public officers will be paid, guaranteed, by the Government of Belize, an increase of 5 per cent, the minimum floor they asked for, and that is without taking into account the standard 2.5% annual increment.

Speaking after Thursday’s press conference the Prime Minister stated that figures on economic growth, indicating higher prices and a sluggish growth rate, have not affected the initial forecast provided to the Belize National Teachers’ Union, Public Service Union and Association of Public Service Senior Managers.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that these august bodies do not live and work in a vacuum, and adverse effects to the Government such as a reversal of the takeover of the Companies and Ships Registries and lower profits for Belize Telemedia Limited may easily reverse the state of affairs.

For this reason, he says, future discussions will center on merit-based performance especially by the teachers, whom he says took to the streets without thinking of the greater good.

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