Teacher’s license revoked after accusations of soliciting students

In March of this year, we reported on the allegations made against a teacher of Mopan technical highschool. Pictures of the male teacher’s nude body were plastered over facebook after he allegedly sent them to two male highschool students via an inbox conversation with the students on facebook. The teacher was placed on suspension while investigations into the allegations continued. His picture was also plastered on the Facebook page titled Belize Sex offender Registry. The male teacher has not been charged as yet and so legally we cannot show his picture or call his name. However, we have been reliably informed that the man’s teachers license has been revoked. Apparently,  the teaching services of Belize were satisfied that the teacher did solicit the minors.  The news of  his license being revoked was conveyed to the staff of Mopan Technical at a  teachers meeting on Wednesday, April 30, 2015. There is no official Sex offenders registry in Belize. The teacher has still not been charged.

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