Teachers to be Dismissed Due to Amalgamation of Southside Schools

vlcsnap-2014-05-29-21h08m27s22vlcsnap-2014-05-29-21h08m47s219 vlcsnap-2014-05-29-21h08m15s134The Ministry of Education is planning to merge three Southside Belize City high schools – Maud Williams High School, Sadie Vernon Technical High and Excelsior High School.

We understand that this is to be done by August of this year, in time for the new school year. On Wednesday evening, there was a meeting hosted by the Belize National Teachers’ Union’s Belize City branch at its headquarters off Mercy Lane and according to Kathleen Flowers, President of the Belize National Teacher’s Union, that meeting was simply a fact finding mission with teachers and she could offer no concrete information on the way forward with the amalgamation and the fate of the teachers involved.

However, sources tell Plus News that as of tomorrow, Friday May 30th, it is expected that some teachers will be getting their letters of dismissal. Maud Williams High, we understand, will only need 17 teachers. Presently they have 28, so 11 teachers will have to go home.

Concerned teachers have suggested that the process of determining who will go home is a non-transparent one and some teachers are claiming political and administrative favoritism at work.

In the end of April, when Ministry of Education officials had met with teachers over the amalgamation of the schools, it was reported that the team from Ministry of Education told the teachers that only those teachers who are qualified in their current posts will receive a temporary pension until a job is available for them.

As we said, there appears to be more questions than answers at this point even as the month of August is quickly approaching.

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