Teachers’ Union Issues Call To Action Following Killing Of Danny Conorquie

The Council of Management of the Belize National Teachers’ Union met on Saturday, and unanimously voted for an immediate “call to action”.

BNTU is asking its teachers to stand in solidarity and support of  tourism officer Danny Conorquie, who was gunned down in the Caracol Mayan Site by Guatemalans.

This call to action is to bring into sharper focus all the risks Belize’s military and security have to “endure in the absence of solid security”. Via  a prèss release, BNTU says, “…BNTU wishes to register our great concern and displeasure over the ongoing varying forms of invasions into Belize by neighbouring Guatemalans.”

BNTU says they are embarking on this call to action under the theme “ Teechaz got yuh back…Unite to stop the attacks, ahn tek wih kuntri back”.

The action for now is the teachers’ wearing of the green “Teechaz got yu back” T-shirt every Friday for the month of October.

The release says, “Other actions will be planned and rolled out by the BNTU Public Relations’ Committee. The Ministry of Education, Management and all teachers will be adequately advised of those details in a timely manner”.

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