Teakettle resident hit and tied during home invasion

Some of you may remember a time when you could leave your doors unlocked when you go to sleep or even if you went away for the entire weekend. Today, unfortunately, we can’t do that anymore and it is becoming increasingly clear that added security measures ought to be taken to protect ourselves and our families. And one Teakettle resident felt the ire of this when thieves snuck into his home through his bedroom window. It happened on Monday night, around 9:30, while the home owner, a taxi driver was in the house watching TV. Two men, one armed with a hand gun, entered through his bedroom window and attacked him. He was hit to the head and left unconscious while they ransacked the place. Stolen were a Toshiba laptop and $30.00 in cash. When the victim regained consciousness, he realized that he was tied up and sustained injuries to his left eye.

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