Teen Charged With Burglary in Connection to Double Murder

Belmopan Police are gaining some ground in the case of the Teakettle double murder which occurred on the 19th of May 2015. In May, Shaylon Santos, 18 year old resident of Teakettle Village, appeared before chief Magistrate Aretha Ford in Belmopan where he was arraigned on charges of burglary in connection with the double murder of Americanvlcsnap-2015-07-08-09h18m50s239 Nationals Julian Jones and Paul Signorino. Today, Belmopan Police brought in the second suspect in this investigation. He is 19 year old Cardinal Lemoth Jr. of Cotton Tree Village. Police are accusing Santos and Lemoth of entering the premises of Laura Lambert on Pineapple Hill Area,  Teakettle and stealingvlcsnap-2015-07-08-09h25m06s164 a 9 mm pistol and a point 22 rifle allegedly belonging to American National Julian Jones, one of the victims of the double murder. In May 19th, Julian Jones was hacked to death and Paul Signorino was shot twice to the head. From there police believe the culprits ransacked the house and both vehicles in the yard. At court today, Cardinal Lemoth pleaded not guilty to the charges of burglary however he was denied bail on the premise that the charge arises from a double murder investigation which is still ongoing and that Lemoth was on the run for over a month before he was apprehended in Belize City. Lemoth was remanded to prison until August 24th when he is to return to court along with Shaylon Santos for their next court hearing.

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