Teen Wanted for Burglary

A petty burglary has made one teenager the subject of an ongoing police search. According to authorities from Orange Walk, on Saturday, a store in San Jose Palmar Village, in Orange Walk, was broken into but unfortunately for the burglar,  he was quickly identified with the aid of security video cameras. Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police Formation Assistant Superintendent Sewlin Tillett told us more.

Asp. Selwin Tillett – Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police Formationvlcsnap-2015-08-11-10h33m47s214

( Via phone) “About 9th of August, about 5:30 pm, Annabel Blanco, a business-man   made a report that on the  8th of August, his store  located on San Jose Drive, San Jose/ Palmar, was  broking into. Checking the back door, he noticed that the burglar bars – the lock was removed. We recognized one person who was caught on video camera.”

Emanuel Pech  – Plus TV Reporter

“Can you tell me more details as to who this person is?”

Asp. Selwin Tillett

“Yes,  police is looking for one Vladimir Mendez, of the same San Jose/Plamar area who can be of assistance to this investigation.”


Stolen from the establishment was a sum of a hundred dollars. Police are actively seeking 18 year old Vladimir Mendez in connection with the burglary as investigations continue.

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