Teenage girl drowns on Easter Sunday

There were two drowning incidents in the Belize River in Cayo over the weekend on Easter Sunday, a day when many people tend to go swimming. The first one occurred some minutes after four on Sunday April 5th.  According to Reports, 18 year old Tanya Jones of Cotton Tree Village had gone swimming with a few of her brothers and sisters in the Belize River in an area near the Village of Camalote. Six of them had stopped by their sistvlcsnap-2015-04-08-10h00m30s153er in the Village of Camalote to have lunch. At around 2:00 pm they decided to go to the river to take a dip. Her brother says they were swimming in the shallow parts of the river until about 5 pm when Tania and her older sister slipped into the deep parts of the river.

Emmanuel Pech-  Plus T.V Journalist

“Did she know how to swim?”


Louis Alfaro – Brother


No she did not know how to swim, none of them couldn’t swim. Two of them didn’t know how to swim. Maybe that’s the situation because my sister said that my younger sister slipped and dropped in deep. She told her, ‘Norma give me your hand because I am drowning. ‘ So my sister stretch her hand out. While stretching her hand out, she seh she slip too and my other sister hauled her in too and two ah dem  mi d wrestle in the wata. That dah weh cause the drowning, cause none of them couldn’t swim.  My brother was a distance away fi try rescue dem. That’s it right there, my sister just disappear ina the depts of the water. “

vlcsnap-2015-04-08-10h00m46s56Israel Alfaro – Brother

“I see them the struggle like deh mi the try come up back but the current was too strong.  About ten minutes after that I tried to jump in but  I think it was too late. I could only save one of them, my oldest sister Norma, and the other one, she sink in.  About half an hour  after we tek out Norma from inside the river, we went to look  for the other one, but it was too late. We couldn’t find her. After that the police came and rushed her to the hospital.”


29 year old Louis Alfaro, the eldest brother of 12, says he regrets not going to the river that day and being there to save his younger sister.

Louis Alfaro

I wish I was there to at least save her. The day, they asked me fi go dah the river but  like I was just sensing something and I never did bother gone. I just neva had the feeling fi gone that day, but they were inviting me. Maybe if I mi d deh I could have tried for her, but it was too late. The Almighty know what He di do. I cant go against that. “

Left to mourn the passing of 18 year old Tania Jones are a mother, a father and 11 siblings.


Louis Alfaro

The most unique thing about her was that every morning she pass me yah before I leave to work. Dah evening she would buzz me, ‘ Yeah big Bredda, yuh alright?’ Dende piece stay in my head. She dah the only one weh woulda pass and hail me yuh know, ‘Yeah big bredda, yuh alright?’ That dah one thing I can’t forget about she. “

Martha Alfarovlcsnap-2015-04-08-10h11m08s173

“She is my…. I have twelve kids and out of all my twelve kids, she is the one that’s close to me.  She use to loving. I remember she give me a hard time sometimes and she have to hide behind my back to go. That’s the only thing but apart from that I have good memories. She use to be a nice lee gyal.

Tania Jones, celebrated her 18th birthday on Thursday April 2nd, 3 days before her untimely passing.

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