Teenage Student Dies in Traffic Accident

vlcsnap-2014-05-12-18h13m41s149Another weekend, another fatal traffic accident, and again it was in the Ladyville area.

19 year old Evan Garnett was driving from Belize City to the residential enclave of Los Lagos, but upon approaching an auto parts scrapyard he apparently lost control of his white 2006 Honda Accord 4-door vehicle and veered into a parked, abandoned old passenger bus sitting just off the shoulder on the left side of the road.

Ladyville police continue to investigate as we hear from their commanding officer, Assistant Superintendent Christopher Noble.

vlcsnap-2014-05-12-18h16m11s181ASP Christopher Noble- Officer Commanding the Ladyville Police

“Sometime after 4:00 this morning, police responded to an accident scene in the area of Mile 11.  Visiting the scene, a single vehicle apparently collided into what is the remains of a passenger bus which was parked at the opposite side of the highway; the lone male that was in the vehicle succumbed, and has been taken to the morgue.  Our preliminaries are that we uncertain as to what may have caused it and we are still looking into the possibility of him, why gearing off the road or what may have caused him to get of the road”.

The impact of the collision took off the roof from the Accord and pushed the bus back several feet. Needless to say, it killed young Garnett on impact. Police are looking at several determining factors as to what caused the crash.

ASP Christopher Noble:  “No accident fatality is something that you want to out rightly say not extensive.  Damages to vehicle is immense, but one has to be countless out of the fact that the vehicles are manmade and…they have their flaws, it’s only there to take you somewhere, but some people abuse the use of it and with diminished capacities, it could mean anything”.

Reporter:  “I understand that of course, the deceased was out socializing during the course of the night.  Have you guys, been able to confirm this or anything like that?”

ASP Christopher Noble:  “Basically, our understanding is quite good for us because that we will have some more to go.  Whether or not he was socializing, one has to put in factors such as being weary on the road, but not ruling out other aspects of personal life”.

Garnett, a student, lived in Los Lagos and was the first son of former local basketball star Evan “Duck” Garnett Sr. and business manager for Amandala Press, Jacinta Hyde.  There was a candlelight vigil held at the Kremandala compound in the younger Garnett’s memory on Saturday evening.

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