Teenager Gunned Down on Mahogany Street

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-19h20m18s76A Belize City teenager is the latest victim of gun violence, the third to be killed in as many days. 17 year old Myron Smith, aka “Saddest,” of Giles Street, was shot in the left side of the chest near the armpit and the upper right side of the back.

According to police, around 8:10 Monday night, Smith was riding his bicycle along with two other men on Brown Street when they were fired on by unidentified persons, four times.

Smith ran across the basketball court but fell motionless to the ground; his friends got away unhurt. His father, Alrick Smith, told reporters today that despite his best efforts, his son’s death was foretold because he failed to listen to counsel.

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-18h52m11s227Alrick Smith- Father of the Deceased

“Like I can’t say weh paa wi liv bakka Flamboyant street, we baan and gro deh, and dehn yong bway dehn kohn rong da area, so I kohn da area cauz dis da my area.  Fa hin da man, dehn big ole allies no mek e heng rong wid them.  But hin just…e ga the nex lee young bway weh mi like go all arong and I tella yestudeh al bout. I try tella every time just listen, like I tella, you just choose that.”

Reporter:  “Has he ever been charged by the police?”

Alrick Smith:   “No, When e mi come, e mih deh eena wa…de mi di bugga eena wa, and dehn shot rong deh and e run fast, but e mi get ova it…only that but e no gat no problem wid non a my son except wa big man, wa ole man”.

Reporter:  “Do you believe that he was the intended target; you said he was with two other persons, but he was the only one that was shot”.

Alrick Smith:   “I no know we fi se, but hin di eena di rush.  Me and my gial tella I ga my finga like I wa puncha up, but he no listen”.

Smith says his son worked on streets with Cisco Construction at the time of his death.  His cousin, Ishaida Banks, says police were disrespectful toward her at the crime scene.

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-20h25m54s249Ishaida Banks- Cousin of the Deceased

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-20h38m53s230“To my understanding, I was at home at the time and my brother and my little cousin came and told me, Ishaida, your and my cousin is at the so.  So ,l I said, oh my caz that is my cousin.  They just called so.  I said, what part?   Just there so and we had just heard the gunshots.  Then I just said , no!  When I heard that I ran out straight past their house and I ran out stop up the street, a little young boy came and said, the lee bway gan so, e gan through the yard like that.  So, when I gone through the yard, then I saw my cousin on the ground.   He was choking out blood and then he took his last breath over my hands and then I started to bawl out and it took a good while for the police and the ambulance to come and then While I am crying, I am trying to tell people to help me take my cousin to the hospital, but nobody was there to help me.  By then, police come and they move me and I told the police to just try move him and try just to carry him from me and one policeman was watching me and was just laughing at me”.

Smith was transported to the K.H.M.H. where he was pronounced dead at 9:25p.m. Police recovered (2) S&B 9X19 expended shells, (1) .45 AUTO AP13 expended shell from the scene.

The body of Myron Smith now lies at the KHMH morgue awaiting a post mortem examination. Police are investigating.



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