Teenager jailed for prohibited firearm

He says he is tired of being disrespected and taken lightly, but 19 year old student Jonathan Gideon will spend the next eight years in Central Prison, after pleading guilty on Tuesday to keeping a prohibited firearm and keeping ammunition without a gun license.

Magistrate Herbert Panton set sentences of three years for the firearm and five years for the ammunition to run consecutively.

Around ten on Monday morning, Constable Maximiliano Coc was on mobile patrol on East Collet Canal near Novelos Bus Terminal, Nelize City,  when he saw Jonathan Gideon and three other men exiting the terminal, coming toward him in the direction of Cemetery Road. The officer stopped and exited his vehicle and Gideon turned back. Officer Coc became suspicious and ran Gideon down, conducting a search which led to the 20-gauge shotgun and four cartridges in his Old Navy schoolbag.

Jonathan Gideon apologized in court prior to his sentencing.

He had one previous conviction for burglary for which he served 18 months.

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