Teenager Murdered in Belize City

vlcsnap-2014-05-20-22h08m52s169Police are investigating the murder of 15 year old Kevin Shaquille Connor which occurred last night in the Port Loyola area of Belize City.

According to police a mobile patrol unit found his body sometime around 10:50 p.m. Monday, with gunshot wounds to the left temple and left cheek.

Connor was in an area behind Port of Belize Limited on Caesar Ridge Road. Kevin’s mother, Sharon Conner, told reporters that the last time she saw her son was when he left home on Monday morning without telling her anything, but she began to be concerned when she saw that he had not come home.

Sharon Connor- Mother of the Deceased

vlcsnap-2014-05-20-23h39m44s169“He no seh notting;  he jos gaan laik ho e du everiday, e get up an go da e frends deh”.

Reporter:  “Did he leave on bike or…?”

Mother of the Deceased:  “Pahn fut”.

Reporter:  “And when he goes like that, he returns at what time?”

Mother of the Deceased:  “Eena di ivnin.  E d’a cohn huo laik 6:00.  Bot den laytli e staat ah com in afta six.  Yestodeh, ah mi consorn laik ho I no see e cohn huom, da me don afta 9:00 an e no cohn huo yet, an I nuoa hou e laif deh eena dyendsha”.

Reporter:  “But you say he came home and he left from here at about 9:00?”

Mother of the Deceased:  “Da raitya e sleep; da ya e liv!  But hin lef eena di morning laik him du evriday and cohn til eena di ivnin.  Hin go heng wit e frend huol day”.

Reporter:  “So, at what time did he leave yesterday?”

Mother of the Deceased:  “Bo afta 9:00 eena di mawnin”.

Reporter:  “So, around what time the police came to see you?”

Mother of the Deceased:  “12:00 eena dih nait.  whole day I no si’a, I no nuoa e whereabouts, an no nua weh paat e mih deh”.

Meanwhile, Police continue their investigations. This afternoon, Sergeant Roberto Novelo, Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation Branch at Precinct 2, updated the press.

vlcsnap-2014-05-20-23h54m10s111Sgt. Roberto Novelo- Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch of Precinct 02

“The occasion is that he was killed right on the spot where he was found”.

Reporter:  “So, the family at this time, strongly suspects that Mr. Connor’s mother is related of the killing of Mr. Bevans, which happened on the last five weeks ago.  Was he ever detained by the police as a suspect in that case?”.

Sgt. Roberto Novelo:  “Yes, police detained him.  He was a person of interest in that case, he was interviewed and released”.

Reporter:  “At this time, the police believe that that may have contributed to his murder?”

Sgt. Roberto Novelo:  “Probably, probably”.

Reporter:  “Police have anybody detained or any person of interest at this time?”

Sgt. Roberto Novelo:  “Not so far”.

Reporter:  “Beyond that specific where he was considered a person of interest,  was he known to go back?”

Sgt. Roberto Novelo:  “Yes, he is known to hang in the Jane Usher area and he is known to hanging with persons of questionable character”.

Sgt. Novelo told reporters that the teen was killed at the site where the body was found, a few hours before it was found. He also confirmed a possible link to a previous murder where Conner was a person of interest to authorities.

Sgt. Roberto Novelo:  “One expended .380 shell was found in the area and one .380 live round.  What I can tell you so far is that there is an ongoing waggery between the Jane Usher boulevard area.  Police are doing patrols in the entire  Jane Usher boulevard area.  As a result, they found the body there“.

Reporter:  “So, you guys just happened to found it based on that patrol?”

Sgt. Roberto Novelo:  “Yes”.

Reporter:  “But the Police specifically conduct patrol in the specific area… because it is far!”

Sgt. Roberto Novelo:  “Yes, the personnel conducts patrols there at least on e per fifth in the entire area as they receive information that people are gathering the back of that area fro mthe securities”.

Police say they have no specific leads as to who Connor’s killer or killers were.

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