Teenager run down by Area Rep’s car

It was reported by one media house over the weekend that Cayo North Area Representative Hon. Joseph Mahmud was involved in an incident where his vehicle was used to purposefully knock down a minor. Plus news learned today vlcsnap-2013-02-11-21h24m22s144though that the report was only half true. While a minor was ran over by a vehicle, Mahmud was not the driver. According to information received, the incident started when a fight broke out at Log Cabin. The resort is operated by Mahmud’s family and the fight was serious enough that Police had to be called in to intervene; but the gentlemen left before Police was able to apprehend them. As we understand the men returned to retaliate and that’s when Security in Charge of the Resort Mr. Desmond Berry realized what was happening. Berry used Mahmud’s vehicle to chase one of the individuals in an effort to apprehend him however the minor hid behind some bushes and the vehicle ran over him. Plus news spoke with Augustina Molina relative of the minor.

Augustina Molina  – Relative of the minor:
We mi di sit down and wait for make them come pick we up, when my lee nephew run cross, and same time Berry and Mahmud them pass ina them vehicle, ina one grey pick-up.  And hem pass.  Them come down speed  Mahmud jump outa the pick-up, gone into the bushes wha pon my lee nephew gone.  Berry continue fi see if he see he pon the highway.  Never see ah so he turn right back, and gone into the same bushes where Mahmud gone.  So I just come down the run, and I start holler for my lee nephew.  I holler his name, Michael. Never respond.  I continue holler.  He still no respond.  I gone pon the highway, and I holler.  Never respond. So I just stand up a while, and I just listen.  Like then they ask him questions and ting.  And I take and I  holler again.  Then he holler.  He said ah me Mike.  I di under one vehicle.  And I just rush right in back.  And when I rush in, all I see that Berry and Mahmud stand up right there, just da watch him under that da tyre, under da vehicle. And I ask them, “Please help me lif’ it up.”  Berry say “No, because this them property.” Lef’ he right there. .

Police has sent no official report on the incident but Plusnews has confirmed that Mahmud was NOT driving but that the vehicle only belonged to him. According to the relative of the minor Mahmud and Berry were on scene at the time of the incident and rendered no aid to get the nephew from out under the vehicle.

Augustina Molina  – Relative of the minor:
vlcsnap-2013-02-11-21h15m21s89Michael brother reach and I ask them “Mek we lif up the vehicle fi haul him out.” And we did lif it up, Pandy haul him out by his foot.  And that’s how we manage fi take him out.  Then the Police reach.  They gone front of him and say “What happen?’ Then my lee nephew get up, put ah ina da vehicle.  The Police ask me first if I know who do it. I tek and I point to them, and i tell them “Yes. See them right there, Mr Mahmud an’ Berry. See they right there.  Da dem.”  All them do, they jus’ carry Mr Berry and lef’ Mr Mahmud right there.  

Berry will be taken to court where he will be charged for the offence. As for the minor, he’s in a critical condition but still alive. Mahmud sent out a press release late this evening concerning the matter saying and we qoute “I wish to state here for the record that the information and insinuations are FALSE and completely ludicrous. I am disappointed that certain persons purporting to represent credible media houses continue to circulate that photo and erroneous information on the social media network and otherwise….I was not even present on the scene nor was I in the said vehicle. I reiterate that I was not behind the wheel of the vehicle, or even in the vehicle at the time the incident occurred. The police is carrying out their proper investigation and my family will cooperate fully.  I have contacted an attorney and instructed him to write these media houses and demand a full apology and retraction of the defamatory and slanderous information that was broadcasted.” end of quote We note that the representative of the media house has already retracted his statement.

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