Teenager Shot to the Head; Other Man Multiple Times

Belize Police badgeLast night we told you about a shooting that happened just before our news time in the Port Loyola area of Belize City.

Police have released information on the incident and it was not only one man who was shot. There was a second victim as well.

Police say that 26-year-old Troy Hyde was shot multiple times while 18-year-old Anfernee Romero  was shot to the left side of his head.

Troy Hyde and Anfernee Romero were working at their Locksmith Service located on Central American Boulevard, when two male persons, both with firearms, rode on separate bicycles inside the workshop and fired several shots at them causing the injuries to both men.

18 year old Anfernee, who was shot to the head, died while he was undergoing treatment at the KHMH.

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