Tek Time Fi Read

Over three thousand five hundred books will be given away this weekend at the ‘Tek Time Fuh Read’ book festival

inside the Belmopan Civic Center. The event is being organized by the Belmopan Junior Youths Spiritual Empowerment Project which has been in existence for the past 12 years. We spoke to the Coordinator of the Belmopan Junior Youths Spiritual Empowerment Project, who told us that the purpose of the event is to promote love for reading.

Heitha Beane, Co-ordinator – Belmopan Youths (BAY): We were consulting about what project we want to take on next and some of the youths expressed they feel like people don’t love to read and how important reading is to the development of the brain, socially and emotionally, that reading is a crucial element of academic success and emotional success. So they want to take on the goal of encouraging the love for reading in children and teens. So they said ‘first we need good books’, because if you don’t have fun books, if you only have school books you are not going to love to read, it’s a chore, right? So they reached out to another group in the US and so they said ‘yeah, we want to partner with you’ and they did a book drive at their schools and they ended up sending us along with a few other organizations over three thousand books. And so we said ‘how are we going to get these books into people’s homes and make it fun’. So they said, let’s do a book festival. What is a book festival? It’s never happened before, so they thought outside of the box. So they have games, they have activities, they have crafts, they have a giant tree and so they really are making this a really fun event that’s going to be held this week end on Saturday.

Patricia, one of the Junior Youth Leaders, shared the details of the Book Festival

Patricia, Youth Leader- Belmopan Youths (BAY): So my name is pat and this a ‘Tek Time fi Read Book Festival’. It’s going to happen on August 4, starting at 9am to 5pm. It’s a family event, so bring out the entire family. We have tons of fun activities, we have book exchange, and we have over three thousand books. The books are for ages 0-18 and there will be a few collectors book on sale, but that’s just for small amount, the others are for free. For the ‘Tek Time fi Read’, it’s a project that we plan to continue to encourage our love for reading, for example we are planning to have a renovation of the library in Belmopan. Alright, so we created this system so that it could be fair for everyone. So what’s happening is we have tickets, so when you have tickets you can exchange it for books. So for the book exchange, if you have books in good conditions you can bring them to exchange. Also if you dress up you get to win a prize, if you dress up as a character from a book and the you can get top win a prize.

As you heard, the event will be held on Saturday at the Belmopan Civic Center, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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