Telethon for TV Ramos bust raises six thousand

A life size bust of national hero Thomas Vincent Ramos decorates Dangriga Town. The sculpture is the outstanding work of Stephen Okeke. vlcsnap-2015-11-17-13h14m53s19While the piece of art is at its final destination, outstanding is the payment for the bust. While Okeke – like times past – sculpted the bust vlcsnap-2015-11-17-13h14m39s130without anyone first commissioning it, the fact is that it was later acquired by the Dangriga Town Council but Okeke has been having a difficult time collecting the 30 thousand dollars for it. It has been over a year of ongoing efforts but last week, another artist, Abdul Nunez came forward to assist in the cause. He calls himself a representative of the Garifuna people and on Saturday, Nunez held a 3-hour radiothon during which 6 thousand dollars were pledged. With only 3 more days left to November 19th and 24 thousand dollars to go, there is much work to be done so the appeal continues. Thomas Vincent Ramos is credited as the founder of Garifuna Settlement Day, which was first observed as a national holiday in 1977. Before, it was only celebrated in the Southern Districts of Toledo and Stann Creek starting in 1943.

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