Telethon to raise funds for National Football team to attend Gold Cup

They have made history, now the Belize National A Football Team wants to keep it going all the way to gold – the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the United States in July. After being twice postponed, a national telethon is scheduled for midway in June, as FFB President Ruperto Vicente reports.

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President:
vlcsnap-2013-05-24-20h17m14s14The telethon is set for June 15th. We apologize for not having it earlier and the reason being is because of the logistics that come along with such events. So the committee that has been charged with the responsibility of organizing the telethon has been working extremely hard and they have put in other things and they also are including international partners in this telethon. So it is not only here in Belize that this is going to happen; it is going to happen at the same time in Los Angeles, it is going to happen in Chicago and New York as well.

This is the team’s first appearance after a 4th place finish in the Central American Cup in January. American Ian Mork replaced Costa Rican Leroy Sherrier Lewis at the helm after the latter walked out. Vicente also gives details of a new program for future benefits for the team.

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President:
vlcsnap-2013-05-24-20h17m36s198We are going to be asking the business communities to adapt a player and possibly to assist in paying that player’s salary while in camp and possibly while in the United States as well. It is only $150.00 per week that a player is being paid at this time. But when they get to United States and begin to represent Belize, then they’re salaries is going to be increased and we go to pay them per game as well. So we need the funds and we are going to be asking businesses communities to take on a player, adapt a player and assist with that player. Not only in providing a salary, but also providing vitamins for that player as well.

There are concerns that the coming Inspiration Telethon may block the plans of the footballers but Vicente maintains that they support that initiative too.

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President: 
vlcsnap-2013-05-24-20h17m52s80They are two separate events and I am sure Belizeans are still in support of our national team and so this is going to represent us and we are going to be representing Belize abroad and so we need their support. I must say that football supports the cancer effort, so we are in support of it and we are going to be partnering with them and giving them our support as well. But we are asking specifically now that Belizeans continue to support our national team and continue to support the effort we are doing with our national team players. They need a lot of attention as well and so we got to have the funds in order to make our players comfortable and have them represent us well.

Corporate sponsors already on board include the Belize Bank, telephone companies SMART and Digicell/BTL, among others. Belize will play, in that order, the United States, Costa Rica, and Cuba in the group stage of the tournament.

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