Tense times at City Hall

Earlier we told you of Belize City Mayor Wagner’s worries regarding Social Assistance check that he wrote out in his name and then distributed to needy Belize City residents. That brought about sharp criticism and cries of corruption and illegality. That is not the only situation the Belize City Council has faced since its taking over the Belize City Hall. Wagner has already suspended the City Administrator who was left on contract by the former Mayor. The mayor did not wish to speak much What is the situation involving the debt left behind by the council or the present administration as openly said refuses to refrain?

That matter there is still on going and as soon as we are to get some feedback on how we stand with that I will be able to provide you with more concrete results on that matter.

Mayor Wagner says the council refuses to pay a 6 thousand dollar restaurant bill allegedly racked up by Joe Bradley.

Yeah that is something that we feel like was gross abuse and obviously the administrator and the pass mayor presided over that debacle and clear abuse. When the people entrust you to run their City they trust that you protect their assets, you protect the finance of the council and clearly as Mayor and as the new council we clearly can’t continence the fact of this bill.

Wagner says the environment created by those who are internally fighting against the work of the new council cannot continue as is.


 I could still recall the first day we came in we gave this council and we gave the employees ,we extended an arm to them and we gave them this olive branch of let us work together . We have had many instances where information where under mining has occurred and clearly this can’t be left to continue obviously something will have to give and I will leave it at that.

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