Territorial Volunteers unveil new logo and plans

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-08h46m12s124The Belize Territorial Volunteer Force have taken onto themselves the task of defending and securing Belize’s border with Guatemala from incursion by peasants and others. Yesterday they unveiled a new logo and discussed fundraising efforts. With more here is founder Wil Maheia.

Wil Maheia – Founder, BTV

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-08h46m02s30“As we unveil this logo today, we have some of the guys here who have been with us deep into the Chiquibul and into the Columbia Forest.  We understand this time, as we speak, there are lots of illegal logging happening around Union Camp.  We want to send our guys there within the next month, but of course it will cost us some money.  So anybody who makes like a hundred dollar donation to the BTV, so that we could send our guys on the expedition, will get a T-shirt, to show appreciation for making that contribution.  So, our next move is towards Union Camp, within the next month or so.”

Paco Smith issued the formal response first to the Government’s announcement of new border outposts in the Chiquibul Forest.

Mr. Paco Smith- Member of BTV

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-08h55m10s98“Well, first and foremost , I’ll say that that is a very progressive move and we welcome that; we welcome anything that’s progressive.   You notice that with regards with this movement, we’re not looking for accolades…we don’t want credit for anything.    But we do realize that the proactive move taken by Mr. Wil Maheia and the individuals actively involved in BTV played a part in that.    So, although we were not mentioned, that’s no problem because the bottom line is that what is going to happen is that we’ll have a better presence on the border which is needed”.

Later, however, he hit back at Assad Shoman’s suggestion that the ICJ is the best option for resolving the territorial dispute.

Mr. Paco Smith

“The response to that, is plain and simple: We’ve been hearing talking about the ICJ for months on him.   With regards to whole concept of going to the ICJ, I don’t hesitate by saying that it’s bankrupt, because from the simple fact that the other party that was engaged in the process, pulled out, it speaks volumes with regards to the viability of that option.   So, with regards to that…Mr. Shoman is definitely entitled to his opinion, and I dare to say that we don’t share it”.

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