Text Messages on Fareed leaked; but are they genuine?

vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h39m05s598vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h38m56s783There has been a recent development following the Fareed Ahmad murder.Earlier this week, the well known barber was shot in his vehicle, allegedly by WCP Michelle Brown, a female constable who has since been arrested and charged.  A day before he was killed, Ahmad had made a report against the Special Assignment Team; a team which WCP Brown was a part of. While there was some speculation that Brown and Ahmad ha d a relationship that went awry, the Ahmad Family believes that it was a hit. There was no evidence to back up the claims of the family, but at their press briefing, they talked about incriminating texts purportedly from high ranking members in the SAT Unit. Some text messages have since made their way to social media which are purportedly from a leading member of the Special Assignment Team (SAT) of Eastern Division South to another team member. In Tuesday’s press conference,  there was said to be nothing which points to an execution, but the texts would seem to indicate  that such a theory warrants follow up. It must be said however that these texts have yet to be verified by phone records, but we must also add that the number in the screenshots of the messages, once searched on Facebook, leads straight to the page of a SAT member.The texts speak of a death squad responding to the commands of a “boss” and the existence of a hit list.  vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h39m21s158

First, the sender tells the recipient to calm his nerves and stick to his end of the bargain, saying, “Mek sure you keep your [expletive] mouth shut and stop di act jumpy…The boss done handle you already suh stick to your part and stop di call up anybody from di crew. You done set suh chill out caz if you do [expletive] you wah end up di same way as fareed. Just relax breds and wait until di boss contact you,” writes the individual. He then adds, “Nuff cash deh fu mek ya if you play this out right.” As well, he tasks the recipient with keeping a close eye on one of Fareed’s brothers and sister. He also reminds, “And stop di trip bout Chester because his investigation report noh play no role. We are untouchable, nuh forget who da di boss.”vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h39m27s956vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h39m32s999

Likewise, he points out that there is no need for worry about WPC Michelle Brown because if she says the wrong thing, she “wah come up dead and people wah think dat Fareed family kill she.”  In total, there were about 8 screenshots of messages relayed back and forth between the two members, all being very detailed and precise about the hit list, Fareed, Michelle, and rewards for carrying out said missions on the hit list.  But are the text messages too precise and too all telling to be really credible? Who engages in murder for hire and spells it all out via text messages? Especially trained, top police officers?  At today’s police press briefing, the police were tight lipped about the incident, saying that they would not comment on the matter since that investigation is being headed by the Professional Standards Branch, led by Chester Williams

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