The Allegro Music School will bring the George Price Center for Peace and Development, in Belmopan, to life tomorrow night.  The school will be hosting a live musical entitled the Greatest Showman Musical.  Yoelvis Medero Lunar, Musician, Director of the Belmopan Children’s Choir and Co-director of the greatest Showman tells us more

Yoelvis Medero Lunar, Director, Belmopan’s Children Choir: What I enjoy the most is performing and that is exactly what we’re doing with the kids while involving everybody in this musical where everybody will get to dance, sing, and perform at the same time. I don’t know how many of you have seen The Greatest Showman; it’s a new movie that just came out like 6 months ago. We’re doing all the music for this show, so it’s going to be dancing, singing, performing the entire soundtrack of the movie. It’s our first experience of doing almost like a full production of a musical, so I’m expecting all of Belmopan to be there. It is free of charge. Donations are welcomed at the door but it’s free of charge. We have a lot of space, like 200 and something chairs inside the George Price Center for all you guys to come. We have like 4 boys singing in the ensemble, and the purpose is to involve more male students in the school, especially singing because I know there is a lot of talent out there so the idea is to get everybody involved in this concert.

Entrance for the Show will be free of cost.

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