The importance of  0% Maternal Mortality Rate

Just two years ago, the Ministry of health boasted its zero maternity death record at Western Regional Hospital, an unprecedented feat. It is something the Ministry takes very seriously. However, they have not been doing so well this year. Dr. Ramon Figueroa, as the newly appointed Director of Health Services, says that this is something that must be addressed immediately.

Dr. Ramon Figuerroa: It’s not that because this case came out in the media; it’s every single case of maternal death is completely vlcsnap-2015-09-18-20h27m30s215evaluated and we take remedial action to try and ensure that it doesn’t happen. It just happens that at this point in time that was my welcome into the person of Director of health Services but this year we are having so many maternal deaths. When in past years, in 2011 and 2013 we had zero maternal mortality. So, we need to figure out what is going wrong or what is happening; but certainly no effort is being spared to get to the bottom of it and to see that it doesn’t happen again.



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