The Red, Red West

The West has remained red in yesterday’s municipal elections; Belmopan, San Ignacio and Benque. The United Democratic Party has been the dominant political presence in these Municipalities for over the past decade and that did not show much sign of changing during yesterday’s Municipal Elections. We will take you to Benque Veijo first, where the entire day was rather quiet and peaceful as voters slowly made their way to the polls to cast their votes. The strong presence of the United Democratic Party was felt through a sea of red supporters that outnumbered that of the People’s United Party. The United Democratic Party’s only rivals in Benque were 22 year old Cristian Castellanos and his PUP team. Plus news spoke with Mayor Elect for Benque Viejo, Marconi Gerardo Sosa on Election Day.

Marconi Sosa, Mayor for Benque:  It’s a normal trend, that’s the way the voters participation in Benque. I am satisfied with the twenty plus percent that came out this morning and certainly of the twenty plus percent. I think we had a little bit over 800 supporters compared to PUP’s 300-350 plus .I am comfortably satisfied, provided, our pledge is a good pledge and that makes me extremely comfortable indeed.

Sosa won in Benque with 2,091 votes, over one thousand more than his young PUP rival Cristian Castellanos, who garnered a total of 1,056 votes. Sosa and his entire UPD slate were elected into office for the next 3 years.

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