The ‘Rod of Correction’ Reloads

ROC pictureIt is in its infancy as a movement and already has taken hits from Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party (UDP). But the group of activists known as the Rod of Correction (ROC) is moving deliberately to address the issues on their plate.

Today, they held a strategy meeting in Belize City.  Talk show host Evan “Mose” Hyde, elected as group spokesperson on this occasion, summarizes the major issues the group seeks to tackle in the upcoming months.

vlcsnap-2014-07-03-19h51m44s235Evan “Mose” Hyde- Talk Show Host

“Like I said, there are things which we have as very serious concerns, and I might as well see them, to be honest, because it is not about keeping secrets but it is that ultimately, we have a problem with Sharon Anderson and her situation there is Chief Pharmacist with the concerns of the Pharmacists Association.  Also the issue of COLA whom we deem as being an agency and as a part acting on behalf of the people, have been so frustrated with the necessary evidence and the needed support from the Commissioner of Police.  We believe that that is a very serious matter, since the trial date is set for the 24th [I think it is]. The third is BGYEA and the land situation, we think, are pressing issues that we believe that we will have to be very firm about”.

vlcsnap-2014-07-03-21h32m03s162According to Hyde, they are sorting out leadership issues and firm positions on key issues of the day. The group has yet to start discussions with the business community but it believes it can press forward even as there is a scramble by Government to address many of the issues they advocate.  Addressing potential conflict with the Government, Hyde says it is up to them to work things our way.

Evan “Mose” Hyde:  “We have many organizations that have come together here.  Our convergence is not based on in the business of government removal.  So, if government is interested in doing right or correcting needed issues to be corrected, the there will not be a problem at all with us., and we will find sweet harmony with the government.  Once it is that they share the same vision of correction, I think that ultimately, if someone in government like the Prime Minister believes that Belize as a nation, as a society and the government of Belize as the authority is without significant problems or without significant flaws, that would be quite a vision to have”.

The ROC includes the trade unions, COLA, BGYEA, SATIIM, the Pharmacists’ Association, the Council of Churches and Evangelical Association, and others.

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