The Sixth Meeting of Caribbean Network Operators Group convenes in Belize City

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-10h49m58s19The Sixth Meeting of Caribbean Network Operators Group (CARIBNOG) convened in Belize City on Monday morning. Over the next four days technology and security professionals from around the Caribbean will be discussing the latest advances in fighting attacks on computer networks and strategies for improving computer safety in business, government and other sectors. Belize’s hosting duties were made possible through the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), whose Commissioner Roosevelt Blades spoke to us.

Roosevelt Blades:

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-11h26m59s217I attended CARIBNOG 5 in Barbados.  Whilst the whole CARIBNOG mainly focuses for the technical people, whilst I don’t have all that technical knowledge, the information that was disseminated at that conference was overwhelming.  I said that this is something that we could use in Belize.  In speaking to Mr Bevil, they all agreed that the next CARIBNOG session would be held here, and I’m very grateful that they have agreed come here to Belize.

I can see that the information that will be presented here will be very important the network operators in Belize.  I think that we have a lot to learn throughout the entire week.  If you look at the agenda, it is packed with all sorts of presentations and it is something that will be beneficial. 

Keynote Speaker Senator Joy Grant, the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, and Public Utilities, shared her hopes for the week’s activities.

Senator Joy Grant:

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-10h21m39s171“Many times in a meeting such as this, where you have very technical people, very proficient in their fields.   You find that it is a good meeting but nothing happens after.   So, what I have come to challenge on this grou0p, very accomplished group, is to make sure that at the end of this meeting, there will be a plan of action, so that we will know what will happen before the next time they meet, which is another six months, especially as it relates to Belize.   What we will do is take the information from this regional meeting and hopefully have a national meeting where other network operators and professional people can come together, and as I said, it’s not only for the government, it’s a government of private sector students to come together to have a plan for Belize.”

Organizer, founder and tech expert Bevil Wooding told his audience that they will be working very hard this week.

Bevil Wooding:

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-11h09m08s236We’re still coming to workshops where some outside expert speaks into the nature, evolution, and trends concerning something that we respond to for managing.  This is not that workshop.  This is a workshop where we speak to ourselves.  We share what we are doing on our networks, where we exchange experiences about what we have lived, what works, what doesn’t work, where we describe to each other the kind of networks we want to see, and how we intend to bring them to pass. Do you understand the difference? This is a workshop where, if you look at the agenda,  you see wonderful technical knowledge is waiting to be given to you, but between the lines on the agenda the expectation is this: that you will also be contributing to the wonderful technical knowledge that will be given to you. 


The event lasts for five days.

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