The war on drugs continues in San Pedro

Police on the island of San Pedro are trying to crack down on the drug trade there, which is believed to be the cause of numerous shootings over the past few months.  Earlier this week, police made a bust when they visited a home  on Laguna Drive, Boca Del Rio of San Pedro Town.  The owners of the house, 26-year-old Karim Gonzalez, a Belizean Businessman and 25-year-old Reina Galdamez were at home when police conducted the search. According to the police report, cannabis was found inside a wooden locker in the kitchen. Within the locker was a hidden compartment which contained several parcels of cannabis. Gonzalez and Galdamez were both escorted to the San Pedro Police Station where the suspected drugs were weighed at 160.9 grams. Karim Gonzalez and Reina Galdamez were arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking.

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