Thief caught on surveillance video

On Tuesday 8TH December 2015 Belmopan Police responded to a report at the Motor Solutions Compound located on the Hummingbird Highway where an immediate search in the area led to the detention of 31 year old Clifford Vernon,  a Belizean of Maya Mopan Extension, Belmopan City. Police say  that Vernon had in his possession a black Michelin floor jack and an orange extension cord that belonged to Motor Solutions. The owner of Motor Solutions reported that for the past month someone had been going on the premises and stealing things from them and from the other business on the property, Banman Earth Moving.  A review of the surveillance video showed Clifford Vernon constantly appearing on the surveillance camera, stealing. The business owner made checks on the property and realized that a number of items were missing valuing over one thousand dollars.  Also stolen from Banman Earth Moving was over $2000 worth of goods. Today, 9th December, Belmopan Police visited an area about 25 feet away from the Motor Solutions compound in a bushy area where they found more of the stolen items.    The owners  of the businesses identified the items recovered from Clifford Vernon as being their property and from the bush as their property. Clifford Vernon has been detained and will be charged for 2 counts  of theft .

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