Thief Poses as Collection Agent

police badge 2Police are advising the general public to be on the lookout for a con artist.

At around 12:05 pm on Tuesday April 15th, 76 year old Belizean Retiree of Southern Foreshore, Belize City reported to police that around 10:00 am, on that same day, she was visited by a male person of dark complexion, reportedly, in his mid 50’s, who claimed to be a collection agent for the cable company.

According to the reports, the male person  informed her that she was $194.70 in arrears and needed to pay $20 to ensure she is not disconnected. She complied and gave him the $20 as he waited in her room.

According to her, she had BZ$300 in a purse under her pillow at the time of the incident. After receiving the money from her, the man instructed her to check the channels on her television to ensure she had good reception while he checked the connection in her room.

A short while after, the man informed her that he will go and get her receipt and left the house. When she checked her room, the $300 was gone and up to the time of the report, the man had not returned with her receipt.  Police continue to investigate.

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