Third break-in this year at Belize Cancer Society

The Belize Cancer Society is in the middle of Cancer Awareness Month activities but it has had to deal with a third break-in since the start of the year. In none of the break-ins was anything taken, but there has been damage and it has been a tiring experience for the organization. Clinical director Ivorine Bulwer summarizes what took place this time.

Ivorine Bulwer – Clinical Director:
vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h08m24s106This morning, when I arrived at the office at 8:17, I opened the door.  On opening the door I observed [that] one of the doors that normally is closed [was] open.  That created a concern.  So I just exited the office, and I just decided to do a spot-check. At that time I observed doors were opened, really damaged.  They gained entry into the building, and from my observation nothing has been taken. We can only assess, probably they were looking for monies.  I need to advise the culprit, because  this is the third break-in since the year.  January 7th we had the first break-in.  In February there was another break-in, and now this morning we observed there was a break-in in the building.  There’s no money, so I would ask that they deter from breaking into the building.

Ivorine Bulwer made it clear that this sort of behavior does no good for anyone.

Ivorine Bulwer – Clinical Director:
vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h09m08s248It is sad, because May is Cancer Month [and] we’re doing our fund-raiser, by selling our T-shirts for our Cancer clients.  The proceeds from our sales are for our Cancer patients.  We give hope to so many, who would not have had hope.  It is a sad situation that we have become so insensitive, so cruel.  The break-in is not only that they did not steal anything, but the damages caused.  We incur expenses that could have otherwise been utilized for patient who honestly need the funding.  So I’m appealing to the public, I’m appealing to the culprits, to discontinue. Belizeans, we need to get the love back within our society.  We need to care for our brothers and our sisters.

Investigations into the matter continue.

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