Third delivery vehicle robbed in 7 days

Another robbery of  a business delivery vehicle has been reported on Mahogany street in Belize City. This is the third one in 7 days, all of delivery persons, all on Mahogany street. The latest incident is the robbery of  21-year-old Enrique Patt, a driver for Zeta Purified Water. According to police reports,  sometime around noon on Wednesday, May 18 , Patt was driving his delivery truck on Mahogany Street along with his coworker. He made a stop at the corner of Western Avenue and Mahogany Street where his coworker went to purchase   some fruits from a vegetable stand.  He stated that while he was seated in the vehicle, he was approached by two dark complexioned male persons who boarded the truck.  One of the men then pointed a handgun at him while the other searched inside the vehicle.  One of the men then searched him and took his cell phone. They then searched his knapsack and took $150.00 after which they made good their escape.  Police have since detained a 12-year-old student pending investigations.  As we’ve said, this is the third similar incident in 7 days. Earlier this week,  another robbery on Mahogany street was that of  sales person, 57 year old Eduardo Perez. He was approached by three dark complexioned male persons on bicycles and was robbed at gunpoint of almost $2000. Then last Thursday,  a Pepsi Delivery truck was held up and the day’s sales of over two thousand dollars were stolen. That incident also happened on Mahogany Street in Belize City.

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